A month ago I participated in my first hackathon and it was amazing!

As a data science boot camp graduate, I was eager and excited to put my skills to the test and join a major league hackathon. Due to the times we live in now, all the hackathons were…


Image: Valve

My final project at General Assembly Data Science Immersive Program was predicting game average playtime on Steam and I wanted to share a little bit about my experience and progress of this project.

First of all, Steam is a platform that is currently the largest PC…

On one beautiful Chicago evening (a long time ago before the quarantine era) I recall the first time my friends who were either programmers or software engineers started the topic I dreaded. CODING.

“What languages do you know?”

“What language do prefer? Which language do you think is more versatile?”

A few months ago I joined a 15-week data science immersive program at General Assembly. Looking back with just one week to go, I’m confident to share some tips with you if you’re thinking of embarking on the same or similar journey.

Bilbo embarking on his journey.

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Tell your family and friends…

Dominika Jones

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